The Rebirth of Well-Being, Caring is Necessary

On this trip, take the world off your back and enjoy your break to rediscover new ways of living your body and mind.

We have at your disposal two qualified therapists, with more than 20 years of experience, ready to define, in a personalized way, the beginning of a fresher, healthier, and more peaceful phase.

Upon completion of the program, you will have greater body awareness and the nutritional advice needed to stay in good shape for a long time.

The packages presented are also available for one person only and the number of nights can be adjusted according to your desire. Talk to us!

Pack Vitality

From 580€

  • Three Nights for Two
  • Breakfast
  • Initial Consultation
  • Two Japanese Shiatsu Therapeutic Massage (1 hrs each session)
  • Two Japanese Kobido Facial Massage (30 mins each session)
  • Trophotherapy – Two Food Plans
  • One Health Coaching Consultation

Relax Pack

From 440€

  • Two Nights for Two
  • Breakfast
  • Four Anti-Stress Shiatsu Therapy Sessions (1hrs each session)
  • Relaxing Herbal Tea

Pack "Let's Get Romantic"

From 350€

  • Two Nights for Two
  • Breakfast Served on the Terrace
  • Romantic Room Decoration
  • One Shiatsu Therapy Session for Couples (1 hrs)
  • Herbal Tea

Pack Moments - Beauty & Slim

From 740€

  • Three Nights for Two
  • Breakfast
  • Four Anti-Stress Shiatsu Therapy Sessions (1hrs each session)
  • Two Japanese Kobido Facial Massage (30 mins each session)
  • Trophotherapy – Two Food Plans
  • Two Health Coaching Consultations
  • A Coaching workshop
Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation of the general health status, objectives, and elaboration of the therapeutic program.

Shiatsu Session – Japanese Therapeutic Massage

Shiatsu means: Shi – pressure, atsu – finger

This therapy has been described as needle-free acupuncture. This therapy is considered as a holistic therapy because it aims to treat the person as a unique being, as a whole.

Effective in cases of: Stress and Related Diseases – Tension in the Neck and Shoulders – Fibromyalgia – Migraine – Insomnia – Hypertension – Anorexia Nervosa and other Eating Disorders – Obesity – Torticollis – Hormonal Disorders – Premenstrual Syndrome – Postpartum Recovery – Constipation – Back Pain – Sciatica – Heavy Legs – Joint Pain – Arthrosis – Tendonitis – Dizziness – Multiple Sclerosis – Asthma – Allergic Rhinitis – Injury Recovery – Recovery from Herniated Discs – Chemical Dependence – Depression – Anxiety – Post-Traumatic Stress – Health & Well-Being Maintenance.

Kobido Session – Japanese Facial Massage

Kobido means “ancient path of beauty”.

The legend says that it was a treatment reserved exclusively for the Imperial family and the noblest and wealthiest families in Japan.


  1. Relaxes and removes blocked tension in the facial and neck muscles;
  2. Recovers the tone, lightness and hydration of the skin, leaving it more luminous;
  3. Improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow;
  4. Stimulates skin proteins, producing more collagen and elastin;
  5. Gradually reduces wrinkles, sagging and blemishes on the skin;
  6. Stimulates cellular metabolism, causing the skin to renew more quickly;
  7. Relieves headaches, bruxism and stress;
  8. Promotes the energy balance of the entire body (by pressure points).

Food science that aims to provide natural resources through a diet plan, using simple foods, to prevent and cure diseases. For most diseases, there are foods that, if used correctly, help prevent or cure health problems and regulate certain bodily functions essential to health.

Health Coaching

Encourages and motivates people to optimize their health and well-being according to their lifestyle.

The Two Of Us Love


  • One night for two people
  • Massage for TWO with aphrodisiac tea
  • One dinner in our restaurant – TITANIC – for two people (1 bottle of wine included)
  • Breakfast served on the terrace of the room
  • Surprise gift

Let's Get Together


  • Two nights for two people
  • A Basket – Serra Picnic (selection of cheese, sausages, bread, fruit, water, wine and a surprise treat)
  • 10% discount in our restaurant – TITANIC – for two people

Titanic - Restaurant & Bar

Come and visit our RESTAURANT – TITANIC and continue your experience between flavors that delight and wines that mark. Visit our website and see for yourself!

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